Life Groups FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Life Groups


  1. What is a Life Group? A Life Group is a group of people (size is up to the individual leader) that come together to Learn from God’s Word, Intercede to the Lord on behalf of each other through prayer, Fellowship in the Spirit of the Lord and to Exalt the Lord.


  1. Why should I attend a Life Group? To learn more about the Lord, more about yourself and to connect with other fellow Christians.


  1. How do I know where and when Life Groups meet? Each group is different and it depends upon the schedule of the group leader.  They can meet either at an individual’s home and/or at the church.  The Life Groups times and places that are currently meeting are listed in the church bulletin each week for your convenience.


  1. What do the Life Groups study? This is up to the discretion of the leader and/or those attending the study.  Some groups use a video Bible Study with a study guide.  Others read and discuss a Christian book and still others do an in-depth study of a book within the Bible itself.


  1. How long does each group last? This depends upon the study that each group is doing.  Some studies can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks.  After completing a study, the group will decide if they are to continue with another study, to open the group up for additional people to attend or to take a break before starting a new one.


  1. Who should I contact if I want to attend a Life Group? The group leader that is listed in the weekly bulletin.


  1. How do I become a Group Leader? You will need to contact the pastors to get their approval.  In order to become a group leader, you should be a current member of New Beginnings Christian Church, have a personal and growing relationship with Jesus Christ, recognize that the Bible is the authority in your personal life, and have the time and moral discernment to lead a group.


  1. Have additional questions? Please see the Pastors or Elder Ron Aiken.