Foreign Missions

Dominican Republic

Kim & Josie Pensinger

Dominican Advance is guided by four core principles:

  1. Integrity in
  2. Excellence in
  3. Humility in
  4. Faith in a
    God-filled future

We seek to work with Christians of all persuasions in co-operating with the Heavenly Father’s purpose of glorifying Christ in the Dominican Republic. By reaching out to the less fortunate by this world’s standards, we demonstrate God’s love for all. It’s our desire to open the eyes of everyone living in this country to a future that is as bright as all of God’s promises. We take great care to work in harmony with our fellow-laborers – local pastors, teachers and directors, supporters and team members, and those who pray daily for this ministry. Dominican Advance sees itself as an instrument in God’s hands to bring together a diversity of people and gifts to establish effective programs for child sponsorship, microbusiness empowerment, and preaching and teaching the gospel in the Dominican Republic.


Pastor Samuel Kimotho Nukuru, Kenya


Faith Island Mission Inc.

Danden Sales
Bais City, Philippines










Domestic Missions

Please pray for our spiritual covering:

Bishop Rick & Dr. Phyllis Callahan, MMFI, Orlando, FL

Covered Bridge, Pastor Dave Piers
St. Johnsbury, VT


The Light Radio Network

Teen Challenge VT

The Fold

Mustard Seed, Frank Rothe, St. Johnsbury, VT